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Welcome to the internet presentation of The Kikinda mammoth dedicated to one of the best preserved fossil remains of mammoth – gigantic prehistoric animal which lived in the territories of Europe about 500 000 years ago. The remains of mammoths of this species, Mammuthus trogontherii was discovered in 1996 in the plant of "Toza Markovic" factory, one of the biggest producers of bricks and roofing tiles in the Balkans, in Kikinda, in the town on the very north of Vojvodina. Outstanding scientific significance of this find keeps raising interest of the experts, but also all others who are interested in the far past of the earth.

Today, Kikinda mammoth stands as a unique tourist attraction offering not only new knowledge and experience, but also plenty of good fun through rich choice of various tourist programs.


Mammoth fest

Mamutfest is a manifestation held every year, the second weekend in September, and correspond with the date of discovery of Kikinda mammoth. Festival is dedicated to the celebration of Kika birthday, includes a range of entertainment and attractive contents and is intended for the youngest. Festival is supported by NIS and the Municipality of Kikinda, organized by Society for helping people with disabilities Kikinda, National museum of Kikinda, Youth organization Kikinda with support of many friends and volunteers.

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