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    Project "Kikinda mammoth 2006"...


Project "The Kikinda mammoth 2006" is the result of successful cooperation of seven partner institutions and organizations from all over Serbia aimed towards protection and revitalization of exceptionally well preserved fossil remains of mammoth discovered in Kikinda in 1996.

Ten years after the discovery, this unique find becomes an example of successful integration of heritage protection and economic advance of local community through development of tourism. All institutions and organizations involved in the project used their professional potentials to protect mammoth remains, first of all, but also to revive through quality presentation and involve it in the development of daily life of Kikinda. Kikinda municipality, as the leading partner, National museum in Kikinda, Regional chamber of economy Kikinda, Natural history museum in Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy Belgrade, company "Toza Markovic" from Kikinda and Institution for studying cultural development from Belgrade developed through partner cooperation a complex project "The Kikinda mammoth".

The project gathers over ninety professionals from various areas – paleontology, archeology, management, information technologies, cultural tourism, economy, marketing and representatives from all relevant sectors who, during 12 months worked on its realization. Through connecting various sectors, series of educational programs, modern technologies for use in presentation of cultural heritage, and professional promotion - Kikinda mammoth has become an overall cultural-tourist product and outline of development cultural tourism in the region.

First step in realization of the project was establishment of the Board for research and presentation of Kikinda mammoth consisting of representatives of local community, experts and representatives of relevant sectors in charge of decision making regarding protection and presentation of mammoth fossil remains. Educational programs have not only passed experiences of national experts and world practice in cultural tourism to local community but have also shown the modalities of exploiting cultural heritage as the inspiration for development and improvement of entrepreneurship. Especially progressive segment of the project is new presentation of the story about Kikinda mammoth which, through application of advanced information technologies is now given in virtual surrounding and presented to the public within the exhibition of National museum in Kikinda. Besides attractive 3D presentation, using modern technologies, the team of experts created life size replica of the skeleton thereby enabling protection f the original skeleton and opening series of opportunities for further commercial exploitation. Professional promotion of all activities and results of the project are provided through carefully developed marketing strategy created and realized by the branding agency "Transeast" from Belgrade, together with many experts in marketing, public relations and branding.

During realization, the Project grew into the joint action of all actors in political, economic and cultural life of Kikinda, but also its citizens whose support ensured successful completion of the project.

The project was approved for realization within Program for socio-economic development of the region of European agency for reconstruction which financed the project in the amount of 89,88%, while the remaining amount was provided by Kikinda Municipality.

Project "The Kikinda mammoth 2006" is part of a larger Integral project "Kikinda mammoth" whose holders are Kikinda municipality and company "Toza Markovic" with the aim of complete revitalization of the cultural landscape of Plant II of that factory. Future natural – cultural environment of Plant II will include "Museum of the quarters" where the original mammoth fossil remains will be exhibited, "Museum of brick production" to show the history of brick production having a tradition in Kikinda for almost 150 years, and "Museum of TERRA" with the most outstanding works of art created during 25 years of international symposium.