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Old brick factory and site of mammoth finding

In the periphery of the town, near factory "Toza Markovic" is an industrial monument from the XIX century where for 25 years International Symposium of large size sculptures - Terra is held. From the site of the old brick factory a monumental view opens to he clay mines where fossil remains of mammoth were discovered.

National Museum Kikinda

In the very centre of the town, in the magnificent town square, across Orthodox Church, is Kurija building, once a court, where National Museum is located nowadays.

          Exhibition area

One of the most significant exhibits of the museum is set within other attractive museum setting, and is followed by numerous entertaining-educational contents.

          3D cinema

So far, the first and only 3D cinema in Serbia found its place in Kikinda Museum. On the special screen 5x3 m, in the form of three dimensional stereo projection, visitors with 3D looking glasses have the opportunity to experience the world over 500 000 years old.

          Life size replica

Life size replica of one of the world best preserved skeletons of this sort of mammoth is presented in the court yard of the museum. This replica does not only enable preventive protection of the original remains, but also offers the visitors of the museum full impression about the grand size of this animal.

          Gift shop

Museum gift and souvenir shop is rich in various items crafted according to visual identity of Kika. The shop also offers multimedia interactive CD presentation, which provides both fun and education, offering additional information about mammoth remains, other museum collections and rich heritage of Kikinda.

          Museum workshops

Wishing to open its doors to the public and to attract as many visitors as possible, the Museum continually offers a number of animation programs for various target groups.